Daily brain training in controlled manner.
„Train your Brain“ offers more than 3000 items with unlimited access.

You start on the menu by choosing your training area.
There are games focusing on:
¤ calculation ability
¤ word recognition
¤ reading speed and competence

Games are of different types:
¤ you click on one solution out of
3 possibilities
¤ you click on 2 buttons to get the solution
¤ you click on 6 buttons in correct order
to get a word as solution

You train on two difficulty levels.
All games are power tests. This means:
Speed will be measured and will affect your result.

As a result you see your performance immediately for several parameters.
You get your personal workouts on your diary and on your account where you can check:
¤ Improvement over weeks
¤ Points
¤ Playtime
¤ Speed
¤ Rank

For remarks and issues contact: my_heringer@web.de