Chat with Trump

This is an app about Twitter communication of Donald Trump.

Please do not think that you can chat with Trump in reality with this app.
But, with this app you dive into the TRUMP world. A virtual world! You do not have to submerge.
Keep your head above water!
TRUMP world is a communicative world. It is characterized by a mixture of real world and bullshit.
You never know exactly,
¤ Whether the speaker feels responsible for what he said,
¤ Whether it is usual to contradict oneself without further ado.

You keep on changing your truth like a chameleon.
Here today and gone tomorrow!

As you enter, you learn:
¤ How this world works in detail,
¤ How you could react to survive in this strange world.
You win distance.
You, yourself will perhaps less communicate this way.

Our goal is didactic. The method is learning by example.
Therefore the app is not encyclopaedic.
To ensure clarity, the way of tweet communication is analyzed using 700 selected tweets.
The selection was cautiously cleaned for reasons of political correctness.
All the learning material is based on quotes from publicly accessible material.

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Hersteller und verantwortlich:
Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Heringer
Summerstr. 18
82211 Herrsching
Tel. +49 8152 372807

Die App „Chat with Trump“ wurde erstellt im Mai 2017.
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Es werden keinerlei persönliche Daten erfasst.